Healthcasts Introduces ConsensusAI, the First AI-Powered, Real-Time Patient Consultation Tool for Healthcare Professionals

July 13, 2023, New York, NY – HCTG, a healthcare communications-technology company, today announced that it has launched ConsensusAI, which helps clinicians expedite medical delivery-of-care decisions when leveraging the Healthcasts platform. Powered by proprietary artificial intelligence (AI), generated by Healthcasts' HCP-member network, ConsensusAI analyzes hundreds of thousands of clinical consultations in real time, providing immediate access to key insights that help support improved patient diagnoses and enhanced treatment selection.

"The compression and acceleration of crowdsourced HCP-provided data is transforming how HCPs are able to deliver superior treatment and improved outcomes for their patients while saving themselves hours of research," said HCTG President Erik Dalton. "Our investment into technologies that support HCPs and their practices through Healthcasts will result in a faster and more accurate treatment decision for each individual patient."

Healthcasts is a physician-member organization that offers peer-to-peer scientific consultation and collaboration amongst the top healthcare professionals in the US today. "Sixty percent of HCPs use Healthcasts during office hours and 66% of HCPs have adjusted their treatment plans based on information exchanged through our platform," said Healthcasts Founder and CEO John Theobald. "With ConsensusAI, HCPs are further empowered to accelerate the clinical use of their own real-world data, transforming how they help themselves, their peers and their patients at the same time."

Healthcasts' technology overcomes concerns about data sources and accuracy by drawing only from verified and validated HCP opinions and patient consultations. The company has been facilitating HCP data exchanges for more than 20 years and has the advantage of analyzing its vast and proprietary database to provide unparalleled credibility and efficacy.